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Stafford Analingus

I’ve been living in Staffordshire for most of my life, and do love my little house in Stafford, but one thing I’m missing, or at least “was” missing was meeting up with male admirers. Its a VERY long and boring story so won’t bore you, but I used to be out loving the clubbing scene but that changed one night to make me stop going out.


After a while of not dating, I was getting fed up just having solo fun with my toys so joined the site to start meeting with male admirers, but I had one thing I really wanted to find guys that love Rimming Trans!


I absolutely LOVE with a HUGE passion my anus being rimming by a skillful male that knows how to use his tongue, poking into places where no other substitute other than a tongue will hit that spot.


It does seem when you start talking to guys about rimming, or analingus, rim job, eating ass, or tossing the salad to cover all terms they are just not interested, least thats what I thought until I joined and posted that I wanted anal oral sex

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I posted my profile but made it very clear I wanted to meet males that love to Rim Trans and almost within a few days I was getting messages from Stafford Trans admirers telling me all about their passion for rimming, but more so mutual rimming which was even more interesting idea of us both having our heads buried between ass cheeks licking and poking our tongues deep into each other!


It was a guy called Iain that really caught my attention, mostly if I’m honest is because in his photos it showed him hairless…I hate pubes LOL, So I sent a message back and we started chatting and soon was arranging a meet at my house.


It was a Saturday night and I had spent most of the afternoon getting ready and cleaning the house. By 7 I was sitting back drinking a glass of red and waiting for the door to go. Then a “ping” and jumping up headed to the door and let Iain in

Trans Anal Oral

He was just as I excepted and straight away greeted me with a kiss and didn’t hold back with tongues, although I hoped that tonge would be poked in another hole much sooner! We sat back on the sofa and started drinking and it wasn’t long before Iain’s hand was on the leg.


I opened my legs, and he leaned in to kiss me and pushed his hands past my stocking tops and straight onto my cock that was now getting very hard and needed to be removed from knickers. He slipped his hands inside my panties pulling my cock out and started wanking me.


I stopped kissing him and pushed his head down and pulling my skirt up he removed my knickers and started sucking and licking my cock, driving me crazy with his tongue flicking action and FUCK did he know how to give head…


Moving between my legs I rested my legs on his shoulders he moved forward sucking my cock but now with fingers teasing my anus teasing me a driving me crazy with oral and fingering me

Swallowed My Cum .

He pulled back and pulling my legs apart he moved between my legs and now taking hold of my shoes I pulled my legs wide and moved my bottom forward giving him clear access to my anus. Putting his face into my cheeks I felt his tongue moving around teasing my hole passing it quickly to return around and move his tongue right around my ring, but not going inside.


I was now groaning out in pleasure with each passing of his tongue, then he moved his tongue onto my anus and could feel the tip pressing against me slowly pushing inside and driving me wild with lust…with one push it felt like his tongue was so deep inside me and by now cum was leaking from me.


I was groaning out so loud Iain looked up then moving his head over started sucking and licking my cock taking every drop of cum I had till I couldn’t handle him sucking my cock any longer. Looking up towards me, now it was my turn…

transgenderuk | Find Local Contacts For Adult Fun