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Don't Call Me Tranny A Trans Dating Etiquette

As a novice admirer the word tranny contacts or shemale dating are the ones I would think off….but clearly if I want to piss my date off I dont  call her tranny !! ….A Trans Dating Etiquette, guide from a little research this now educated trans admirer found out  

Things every admirer should know and you need to know before hooking up with a trans women


1 Don’t you DARE call me “tranny.” The word tranny is a porn word, its been used for years in the porn industry and whilst many men will still search for tranny contacts / hookups this is mostly down to a porn industry


2. I’m Not here to teacher you. The amount of men that seem to have an endless list of questions from the bizarre to RUDE. Most transgender within personals adverts will say if non-op / pre-op transgender which can inform you straight away the type of sexual contacts they will


3 What’s the difference between a crossdresser & transgender, never ask this, its one question that will get a lot of trans walking to the door better answer to this do some research.


4. “hair” yep it grows. If you stay over you may wake up your trans lady with some hair depending on there transition. So be ready for this, prewarned so to


5- When hooking up discus sex FIRST. Yes this is contacts site with all kind of personals, some want to just hook up for sex, others are looking for more longer term relationships. So read the profile and this way the first date wont be just questions about sex


6- Nope I’m not a tranny porn star . Many people join contacts sites after watching and enjoying porn films, and you may have some porn fantasis yourself which you can talk about but not every transgirl is going have sex like a porn star….some yes, just like a cis women !

Just remember YES this is a trans contacts website, but people join this with all kinds of dating interests. Make sure you read the personals advert and stop looking at the hot photo and letting the little head take control of the big head.


transgenderuk | Find Local Contacts For Adult Fun