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Trans Butt Plug SEX

Whilst I only started dressing fem a few months back, I’m loving it and even when going to work now I will have panties and tights on. I do love the feeling of wearing tights, there’s just something about holding you in and snug that keeps me horny all day.


I was reading recently this Transwomen went to work with a butt plug insert and was able to walk around all day…this was a challenge and I needed to have a go. Getting ready for work that day I had my favorite butt plug, not too big, but enough to give me that wonderful stretching feeling as I pull it out.


I inserted a my rubber butt plug, slipped on my panties and tights and whilst at first, I could stop myself from playing I soon got used to the feeling and was loving it.


Walking around all day was quiet and experience feeling my plug moving around and giving me a frill every time I sat down and a few times I’m sure some people wondered what was going on

Plug, Panties & Tights

I needed to head towards the toilet just for a pee plus I wanted to put some more lube to make sure it was rubbing against my bottom. Heading in I took a quick look around and no one in the other stalls. I got my lube from my case and pulling my trousers down showed my long smooth legs in tights and pulling them down with my white panties I started to pull the butt plug from me, although I couldn’t resist letting it slide back in as it stretched my rim
In the cubicle.


I started to slowly fuck my asshole, loving the pleasure of it opening me wide then pulling it back in till it hit the head, but I knew if I carried on people would wonder where I was so I finally removed the butt plug.


As it came out I the butt plug slipped on my fingers making fall onto the floor and roll under and into the next cubicle , it was at that exact time the door opened and someone walked in, I froze keeping perfectly still. Then to my shock they got into the next cubicle and could see a hand reach down picking it up

Trans Toilet SEX

Then I heard someone say “I think this is yours” I pulled my panties up, tights and trousers and opening the door saw this guy. I’d seen him walking around and fancied him like crazy and I did wonder if her fancied me, but only a gay way as he didn’t know I was a transwomen.


I’m pretty sure my face was red and reaching out take it back he asked “would you like a helping hand putting it back” I was just totally shocked as he turned locking the main doors into the toilet.


Recaching over he could see the lube so taking it we walked over the sinks and opened my trousers to see my panties and tights.. “mmm very nice” turning me around I was looking at the mirror as he pulled my trousers down quickly followed by tights and panties.


Taking some lube, he put some on the plug and fingers putting some onto my ass pussy and poking a couple of fingers deep into me. Then more lube on my butt plug and he gently pushed it into me as, making me moan in pleasure.

Trans Oral SEX

As he was crouched down, I turned around with my now rock-hard cock and he started to lick and suck my cock giving an excellent deep blowjob. With his hand on my plug, he started to fuck me, and my poor legs were struggling to hold me grasping the sink for all I could.


Then he stopped and standing up put his hand into my case and took my phone out and called his number…”there you have my number now, call me later and we will carry this on at yours of mine, just make sure you wear something sexy”


It lasted a few months as he moved to another part of the UK but I still go to work with my butt plug in and have made loads of contacts here

transgenderuk | Find Local Contacts For Adult Fun