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Public Pissing Trans

I’ve been a “nearly” full time transwomen for 10 years now since getting divorced, although during the daytime keep my dressing to just panties and tights under my male clothing. At weekend I have more freedom.


It was one of my day off’s that I found a new interest and that was pissing in public, but more so being watched…Since then I’ve met a few others via the site that like to watch Trans Pissing and sometimes offer oral afterwards. This is how it all started.


I was driving home to Doncaster where I live after meeting up with a Trans girlfriend and his wife, yes lucky man, it was just a social having a chat and enjoying being others dressed the way I prefer, which today was a summer dress as it was a warm day.

Trans Pissing Outdoors

Heading home I was really dying for a pee due to drinking too much tea, as I was driving along the A630 I saw a sign for a layby, so pulling in no one was around so parked near trees and took another look before getting out and headed into the trees.


I didn’t plan on walking far but was enjoying being out and feeling the warm wind between my legs was really enjoy being out. Then I remembered why and finding a place took a quick look around and no one so removed my black panties I was wearing placing them over a near bush.


I started pissing and found myself getting really turned on pissing outdoors whilst wearing my summer dress, it was then whilst in mid flow that I saw this guy looking over watching me pissing…clearly the fact I was standing up and pissing he knew I was a Transwomen, but that didn’t stop him looking. It was then I noticed he also had his cock out and was wanking

Doncaster Trans Sex

Watching this guy wanking whilst I was pissing in public was a real turn on and turned better towards him so he could see me clearly, once I’d finished, I found myself standing there with my dress still pulled up but now with a hard cock that needed attention.


I looked around quickly and no one else was near and the guy had moved a little closer now. I started wanking hoping that her would move to me, but he just stood there watching me wanking off


I was now wanking harder loving the fact that this stranger was there close by doing the same thing and it didn’t take long before I started cumming with all my cum dripping out onto my hand, legs and floor & the guy came shortly after me.


My hands and legs had splashes of cum so as I had nothing to wipe the cum with reached over taking my knickers and wiped all the cum up. The guy was still watching my every move and taking the knickers placed them back onto the bush and walked away.


Looking back, I saw him reaching over and taking the knickers walking away. That was the first time I’d pissed in public with a voyeur watching me and whilst I’ve been to other locations pissing, I’ve not met anyone else.


Would love to hear from anyone that would like to meet up around Doncaster for some public sex and meeting people that like to watch pissing trans !! Message me I’m waiting

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transgenderuk | Find Local Contacts For Adult Fun