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I Love Sex With Trans - TransFan Dating

I am sexual attracted to transgender people...I'm a TRANSFAN

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What Is a Transfan, Its on wiki its a lover of Transgenders, yep new to me also
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Trans Fans Unite ...

Transfan? It may sound silly but for a while I was confused. I’m a bit of an old school lover of trans people and can still remember it being OK to date a tranny…please dont stone me for even saying “THAT ” word :).


But likewise I also used to like my famous Robertson’s Golliwog symbol on jam jars…So Transfans lovers ?

Being a transfan as obvious as it may sound is just THAT a person whether that’s a transgender, male or female is someone that enjoys the company of transgender …so transfan = seeking trans.

What is Trans Fan ..

It’s pretty obvious when you break it down but as we seem to like giving everything titles these days it was something I wanted to research before I started adding being a transfan into my own personal’s adverts, after all for I knew I could be saying I’m a fan transformers HA… you say I jest not


Quick search on Google for = Transfan


A nickname Transformers fans, YES I joke you not, confirming that someone has or had a passion for those annoying little “Transformers” toys …really YES. But thankfully we also have the Wikipedia’s version of what REALLY is a Transfan


Wikipedia’s definition = “Yeah, I love transgender and have been a transfan for years.”


And this thankfully is the term many as now starting to use when posting personals adverts and something YOU can use to help others find you

Trans You Want .

Keyword searching is an amazing way to meet up or refine the types of personals adverts you see. Whilst its great, and horny looking across loads of local trans contacts after a while you really want to look at pinning down the type of trans / transfan / admirer you want to hookup with.


By putting this term you will only see personals where the member has indicated they are a transfan. Of course this word is just one of many that it used and you could also see, NSA meets, dressing, friendship, anal, role play, fetish, club nights, pantyhose in fact it’s a LONG list of words to help you meet up with the types of contacts you want. ,

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As members you’ll see all the latest contacts who are interested in Transfan. Just like you !! these transvestites site members can’t wait to meet someone who shares their interest in Transfan.


The list is updated regularly when a new member joins and by using the keyword search & browse can view these transfan contacts as many times as your heart desires.

transgenderuk | Find Local Contacts For Adult Fun