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Transvestite, Transsexual, Transgender, or Tranny,

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Dating Trans

Ok what you should really call trans? Transvestite, Transsexual, Transgender, or Tranny, OK lets not even go down the Tranny contacts name road.. So “THAT” word? What to use, What to call someone, and ignoring the obvious of just calling them their name.


Whilst most people if meeting someone in a social type of situation, would just be introduced “ Mark, this is …..” you certainly wouldn’t say “ Hi Mark this is a Transvestite” but this isn’t a social hookup, this is dating someone via a personals site, that means in most cases you don’t know names other than username.


Sometime username can give something away members “Kerry1256” there’s a fair chance they would like to be called “Kerry” but other times members choice diverse types of user name , so how should you call / address a Trans? Transvestite, Transsexual or Transgender


Whilst the Trans scene has been around since day dot although thanks mostly to the internet far more are now coming out either meeting up on dating sites like this or accessing contacts on Facebook, even some meeting up on photo sharing sites, but now its gone mainstream…I hate that word, but its correct.


But for admirers and even those considering trying the transgender scene the issue of just what you call yourself or those you want to meet is confusing, so in an effort to help here is some details and lowdown, that you may finding helpful.


When looking at trans contacts and dating Trans you really do need to know what is the best word to use, and just saying all the time you like to date Trans is a bit of a copout, but like the Tranny word that some years ago was acceptable now is VERY much NOT the case, so nothing is constant.


A good starting point is by reading a members personals advert, sometimes they will use a term that will give you an idea of just how to address, as for some Tranny is still used, the same as Transvestite, Trans or the more accepted word Transgender

Most used...Transgender

The most used word for trans is transgender. Transsexual whilst used to be a popular term is not really used much among trans. It used to be associated with those that wanted some type of medical treatment, to permanently become a different gender than at birth.


Do all Transgenders dislike the term transsexual no, but it’s best to read a personals advert and then use the term they are happy with, likewise the same with transvestite, this has also for some fallen out of favor as viewed as purely a sexual term, but as I’ve said you will find members

To Summarise..

As you will have picked up, some people are happy with terms like Transvestite being used, where others will ignore any advances made if starting with Transvestite. The best advice read members personals then you will know.


Posted above is a free link and from there straight away you will start getting an idea of what Trans like to be called. Then join us as a FREE member and start contacting members …carefully LOL..

transgenderuk | Find Local Contacts For Adult Fun