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Trans Selfie or SEX Selfies

Trans Selfies or if you are VERY brave Transgender SEX Selfies, do you feel brave enough to reverse your camera, or should I say phone and start snapping away some selfie photos, although is it selfie photos and not just selfies, confused, but either way this admirer LOVES them, more so looking at trans selfies than my own LOL.


Its pretty clear with most of us having access to a decent camera on our phones that more trans and admirers are posting up selfies and whilst its not that long ago when you thought of a selfie probably the first thing that came into your mind was pouting girls posting their silly duck faces.


Now its very different and whilst as an admirer I don’t post up many selfies, because unlike trans I don’t chance my look that often! I can now honesty say I’m a fan of Trans selfies and if you are not then maybe you’ve not looked at enough or you are taking selfies wrong, its an art

Trans Selfie ..How To

OK some tips on getting that sexy selfie that will have UK Transgenders & admirers contacting you should you need tips on selfies.


:- Get the right phone angle, most of the time holding your arm slightly higher will make a better selfie, and never low if you don’t want multiple chin look!


:- Find your best side, we all have one and if you don’t know yours take a few photos on different sides and pick the best one


:- Flash…NO, natural lighting is the best and will show your beautiful skin off far better, but likewise don’t take in full sunlight as you will get harsh shadows, in the shade outdoors is excellent option


:- Selfie Stick, yes – no ? It depends sometimes they can give an odd look, its best to explore


:- Portrait mode, if your camera has this setting it will make a huge difference to your trans selfies as it will blur the background


:- Neutral background, whilst portrait mode will help its still best option to have a plain background that’s not too cluttered


Hopefully the above tips will get you started getting great Transgender selfies and of course us guys as well, if you still need further help inside the members section, we have message boards and I’m sure someone will offer some feedback on getting better selfies

Trans Sex Selfies..

YEP, and thankfully members are not holding back posting up selfies of them having sex or maybe having some solo fun, although sex is ALWAYS better with two, or more! Whilst posted above is some examples of trans selfies members, you wont see any trans sex selfies here.


All images posted outside of the members section are classed as non adult, meaning no nudity, and to get a sex selfie you defiantly need to get some flesh out. To view these images, you can access them when logged in and viewing members personals.


Some members will upload sex selfies into a private folder and for these you will need to contact the member as ask for access. So join us today and start uploading your pics either portrait selfies or Trans sex selfies…yes please

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