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Ultimate Guide Sex With Transgender

Find Erogenous Zones Drive Trans Crazy

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Trans Sex Guide

The ultimate guide to sex with a transgender … should it be the A-Z of having sex with Transwomen, maybe, just not sure I’ve got every letter covered, but one thing for sure if you want to know how best to fuck a Transwoman or make “LOOOOOVE” this will give you a good starting point..


It all starts with those Trans Erogenous zones, and there’s a lot, if you think it’s just lips, dick and anus then you will find this educational and help you send your date into SEXUAL heaven as you explore these whilst in the bedroom, front room or any other room.


Transgender sensitive hotspots are MANY that turn us on, make us cum, but even better get us hot and horny for more. Enjoy my little list, or just meet a Transwomen and do some exploring yourself and see what others you can find.

A-Z Transwomen

Starting at the top and let’s work our way to pleasure. Just by stroking your partners scalp with your nails will give them a head massage like no other, tingling, maybe even gently pulling hair to stimulate even more. Start going gentle and your partner will soon let you know.


Who doesn’t love someone licking & nibbling on earlobes, just watch out for earrings, then whisper into their ear the naughty things you are going to do which should give them shivers all over, don’t hold back with your naughty sexual fantasies.


Lips….sexy, full and hopefully RED… place your lips against theirs, use your tongue and when ready kiss slowly building up speed and pressure…Want to really drive your partner wild, trace the shape of their lips with your tongue, maybe even a little bite on the lip.


Your neck is one of the main erogenous zones being tender & sensitive plus having many blood vessels so close to the surface. Kiss, suck maybe even bite, just don’t leave a mark, not unless your partner tells you too…yes please.


Moving down & getting SEXY…. Whether its Trans or males teasing and playing with nipples can vary a great deal between Trans playmates, for some it will barely register a groan, for others can easily make them cum driving them crazy with lust for more either sucking, stroking & licking sometimes soft, hard maybe leading towards you pinching nipples… or even clamps for those into BDSM.



Kiss the rosebud

 As anyone will know least those that have explored the erogenous zones around a Transwomen or male, the anal opening, Trans Pussy opens into world of pleasure with the huge number nerve endings around your anal pussy.


Tickle, rim, finger, for the brave fist or toys and of course FUCK… just don’t forget the lube. As a male admirer I love nothing more than a tongue poking and licking around my rim even followed by some penetration should this be something my partner is happy to offer…nothing wrong with swapping roles sometimes.


Want to drive your partner wild? Find your Transwomen prostate, its located two inches inside the anus, between their pussy asshole and base of cock, hit that with stimulation and your lover will be begging you not to stop. Some Transwomen can cum just through prostate stimulation. Just get your mouth ready to swallow her load.


The COCK…. whilst on the subject of swallowing your partners cum load. It’s worthwhile to remember for some Transwomen the cock is a no-go zone, for others they will love the attention of lips or tongue as much as the lover/man.


Where are the erogenous zones Trans cock….around the head is by far for most is sensitive part of their cock. Swirl your tongue around a Transwomen cock or an extra-juicy blowjob with lots of salvia or stroke it with your fingertips.



Suck My Toes Baby

Suck my toes baby….. when it comes or should that be “cums” to your feet it’s a huge collection of pressure points that link to every part of the body and when aroused it will enhance your sex life and love making.


Just start out by exploring a Transwomen feet and toes with hands, tongues and make sure you clean those sexy toes for the hottest pleasure.And I’m sure there are LOTS more …enjoy and start finding those Trans erogenous zones of pleasure.

transgenderuk | Find Local Contacts For Adult Fun