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Its something I’ve always wanted to try but was too nervous to just head out to some Hampshire Dogging site in the hope of finding a man that would let me suck him off. I joined the site to meet new contacts and it wasn’t long after joining that I found the dogging section so started reading and planning a hookup.


I knew a location that was quiet and private and whilst I’d been there a few times dressed in sexy lingerie it was always very late at night. So I posted in the group about meeting up for some oral sex in the hope that someone take me up.


It didn’t take long before I got a few messages and this one guy sounded nice and knew the location saying it was a safe place to meet. I told him it was only for oral sex which he was OK about and that I didn’t fully dress but loved wearing sexy lingerie, which got a clear positive response from him!

Car Park Hookup.

We arranged to meet up mid-week to make sure we were alone rather than heading out on a busy Friday / Saturday night. I got dressed in my matching bra & French knickers that I love with holdups and whilst I don’t use a wig, I did put a little make up on. Then finished off with my long coat, just in case I needed to cover up quickly.


I drove to the car park and it was dark, so I headed over into the corner and parked up. I opened my coat, and I was already excited and VERY hard…then a car pulled in and pulling my coat closed just in case parked alongside me. We had exchanged details, so I knew it was him.

First Oral Dogging

He got out, walking up to the car and I opened the window down and pulled open my coat showing him my knickers and stocking tops, which he approved saying how sexy I looked. I got out of the car and straight away slipped his hand into my knickers and straight away found my cock.


I pulled my knickers down and he started wanking me off, but I was so excited I came really quickly, but not wanting to waist my cum he moved his head down licking the cum from my cock, but there was only so much I could handle…moving up I got a drivers mat from my car and placed it on the floor and opened his trousers to a very big hard cock, with a little reward of pre cum ready.


I licked the yummy cum from his cock then took him all the back enjoying every bit of his cock sliding deep into my throat. He started to pump his cock hard into my mouth fucking my mouth and then placing his hands onto my fucked me harder making me gag a little but I didn’t stop him.

Swallowed Cum .

He was fucking me so hard that I didn’t notice another guy had come up and was stand by wanking his cock so my friend waved him over and seeing another cock I pulled from the first guy and started sucking the other guy whilst wanking him off…this was so amazing to have 2 cocks to play with.


I returned to the first guy and he started to fuck my mouth quickly and knew he was going to cum soon as I felt the first salty sweet load hit the back of my throat, then the other guy started cumming over my face and pulling back I was able to lick and swallow both

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transgenderuk | Find Local Contacts For Adult Fun