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I Want To Be A Trans

Transgender Feminisation How To

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Trans Transformation

The A to Z of becoming the most amazing, beautiful and sexy trans…want to become a transgender read on, although its not really A-Z but nearly LOL. Here are some ideas for all things Trans and wanting to know about becoming Transgender, written by my partner.


At first when you start down the road of feminisation and becoming a Transgender might feel a little overwhelmed. Its normal, don’t worry as trans feminization is an involved & complicated process, least to get right not unless you want to look like some guy in female clothing.


There are so many things to explore different clothes, styles, make up products, haircare and personals whether that’s dating MEN, Trans or Women depending on what you are seeking.


It all starts with a good shave, at least until you consider longer and permanent processes such as laser or electrolysis which are essential to remove your facial hair. But shaving will become the bane of your existence, as smooth skin is worth it.

Using Make Up

Getting to skills of applying make up, especially if you want to pass as it helps cover up all those male imperfections LOL..and will enhance feminine features, if done correctly. During the day I wear a lighter make up, but at night when heading out I like to glam up a bit and use wild make up to get the right attention.


I first start watching YouTube videos and that got me heading in the right direction, then a female friend that I told I wanted to be a Transgender said that she would help which speeded up the process and got me to where I am now…If you have a female friend, that’s the best way forward.


Outfits and female fashion took me a while to work out what looked good, but again having a friend to offer advice did help pointing out things I’d never considered like my body shape, and if colors match.


Whilst your first thought maybe toward some sexy outfit I started off wearing more casual female clothing with jeans and female t-shirts from the women section plus it gives you a chance to wear a bra, especially if you already have bigger breasts than a man.

Hair short ...Long ?

Hair, a lot depends on what you are starting with and whether you want to go natural with your own hair or wig. I choose to grow mine and whilst I I started with short hair it didn’t take long to grow, but I had to then get used to washing it more often and proper care.


If you have lived life with short hair you will be totally shocked how much work goes into taking care of long hair with shampoos, conditioners, mousse & styling. Not to mention drying issues learning straighten it, curling etc.


If your ears are not pierced, get them done soon! Also to keep my skin smooth and fresh drink lots of water and maintain a healthy diet and sleep schedule, after all you want to be able to slip into that size 12 dress!! Skirts go spinny.

Trans Dating

The best tip I can offer anyone that wants to be a transgender is talk to a female friend, you can be pretty sure if close they will have already guessed that you are a bit more feminine than other males. But even if not females are generally more accepting & will be supportive.


Having female friend or even better friends will make the learning process a lot easier and will pass on great advice, plus you have a shopping friend that will give honest feedback on make up & outfits you are buying.


Dating….whether its meeting males, females or other Trans you will soon start enjoying the attention and compliments that come along and will get many more than you have before… You will come across creeps and mostly guys just wanting to get into your panties, but you soon learn what to look out for and like me find Mr Right.


Being a Transgender is expensive mostly because you have to buy everything at the start of your journey, and may make some mistakes, costly ones !! But the most important thing is enjoying your new life and remember you are super amazing trans

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